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Ferrotec’s Ferrofluidic solutions are designed to provide consistent, reliable performance in the most demanding environments. However, with time and usage, even the best seal, rotary feedthrough or Ferrodrive has a finite life and will eventually fail. Most failed seals can be repaired and refurbished — Ferrotec’s Ferrofluidic seal design is extremely serviceable — so Ferrotec maintains an active service business, repairing feedthroughs from every manufacturer, from the smallest to the largest.

When Ferrotec repairs a seal, we carefully inspect the feedthrough and we work closely with you to understand your application and to determine the root cause of the failure. While the two most common reasons for a seal repair are bearing-related and fluid breakdowns, we can work with you to identify solutions to optimize your seal performance, reduce the frequency of seal repairs, and reduce your operational downtime.

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Bring your seal up to date with Ferrotec's repair service. For information about our comprehensive services for repairing, upgrading, or exchanging your precision seal solution, read more »

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Ferrotec aquired Advanced Fluid Systems (AFS) in 2004. If you need support for your A-F-S product, you can contact Ferrotec. For information on Ferrotec's support of AFS products, read more »