From materials and components to integrated systems, Ferrotec’s portfolio offers a broad range of solutions for precision processes and products. Select a product family to learn more.

Ferrofluid »
Find out about Ferrotec's ferrofluid magnetic liquid and super paramagnetic nanoparticle products. Ferrotec's ferrofluid applications include: audio speakers, bio-medical separation and other applications, magnetic domain detection, optical pickups and more.

Ferrofluidic Solutions »
Ferrotec's vacuum rotary seals and other products use ferrofluid's unique properties as the enabling component in more advanced solutions. These products include Ferrofluidic seals, vacuum feedthroughs, Ferrodrive motor integrated feedthroughs, customized gas and vacuum unions, assembled seals and mechanical subsystems, and magnetic inertia dampers.

Thermal Solutions »
Highlighted within this section are Ferrotec's TEC thermoelectric modules or Peltier coolers including single-stage, multi-stage, miniature and custom TECs, thermoelectric subsystem assemblies including heat exchangers, air-to-air and air-to-liquid cooling, and Ferrotec's thermoelectric power generation solutions.

Fabricated Quartzware »
This section is your portal to Ferrotec's fabricated quartz and advanced material solutions.

Advanced Ceramics »
This section features Ferrotec's advanced ceramic materials including machinable ceramics.

Temescal Systems »
The expert in metallization systems for the processing of Compound Semiconductor based substrates, Temescal provides the finest production evaporation systems available. Temescal systems provide controlled multi-layer coatings of materials such as Ti, Pt, Au, Pd, Ag, Ni, Al, Cr, Cu, Mo, Sn, SiO2 and ITO with highly repeatable guaranteed uniformity and performance metrics.

Wagen Cutting Solution »
PCD saw blades are mainly used in furniture and flooring producing industries for cutting wood material, non-ferrous metal and glass. Metal cutting TCT and Cold Saw blades offer more values including lower cutting force, temperature, noise and power consumption, better cutting surface and longer cutting life.

Precision Machining »
Ferrotec has a dedicated 2220 s.q.m area of manufacturing space for precision parts. To ensure precision and quality, our facilities' temperature and humidity are managed at 20±2℃. With commitment, we manufacture according to what our customers require.

Industrial Washing Machining »
Asahi Seisakusho provides facility design, construction, installation, maintenance and operation management in accordance to cusomter's needs. This total cleaning solution suits large scale facilities such as cleaning factory, linen supply factory, hospital facilities requiring high hygiene standards and accomodation facilities such as hotels.