EFH Series Educational Ferrofluids

Ferrotec’s EFH Series Educational Ferrofluids are specifically designed for use in classrooms, schools and museums. EFH Series ferrofluids feature magnetic properties that make it easier to visualize the magnetic patterns.

Carrier Liquid: Light Hydrocarbon
Appearance: Black-brown fluid

Saturation Magnetization (Ms)
Ferrofluid Type Gauss [CGS] mT [SI] cP [CGS] mPa-s [SI]
EFH1 440 44 6 6
EFH3 650 65 12 12


EFH Series Ferrofluid Additional Information

For more information about material handling, refer to the MSDS (Material Safety Datasheet) for the EFH Series family of products.
Download the efhmsds.pdf »