APG W Series Audio Ferrofluid

Ferrotec’s APG W Series ferrofluids can be used either for heat transfer alone or for both heat transfer and damping. The transient temperature capacity of these fluids is 225°C; however, to ensure long term reliability, operation above 125°C for extended periods should be minimized. APG W series ferrofluids are durable under high humidity. Tolerance to extended contact with water is moderate.

Carrier Liquid: synthetic ester
Appearance: black-brown or red-brown viscous fluid

Saturation Magnetization (Ms)
Ferrofluid Type Gauss [CGS] mT [SI] cP [CGS] mPa-s [SI]
APG W 02 300 30 175 175
APG W 05 400 40 500 500
APG W 10 400 40 1000 1000


APG W Series Audio Ferrofluids Additional Information

For more information about material handling, refer to the MSDS (Material Safety Datasheet) for the APG W Series family of products.
Download the apgWmsds.pdf -- 168K  »