APG CD Series Audio Ferrofluid

Ferrotec’s APG CD Series ferrofluids are used for predominantly heat transfer applications in drivers with very high magnetic fields in the air gap. The fluids have exceptionally high colloid stability. The transient temperature capability of the fluid is 200°C; however, to ensure long term reliability, operation above 125°C for extended periods should be minimized. APG CD series ferrofluids are durable under high humidity. Tolerance to extended contact with water is moderate.

Carrier Liquid: synthetic ester
Appearance: black-brown or red-brown viscous fluid

Saturation Magnetization (Ms)
Ferrofluid Type Gauss [CGS] mT [SI] cP [CGS] mPa-s [SI]
APG CD 1120 110 11 200 200
APG CD 1635 165 16.5 350 350
APG CD 2250 220 22 500 500


APG CD Series Audio Ferrofluids Additional Information

For more information about material handling, refer to the MSDS (Material Safety Datasheet) for the CD Series family of products.
Download the apgCDmsds.pdf -- 168K  »