APG 300 Series Audio Ferrofluid

Ferrotec’s APG 300 Series ferrofluids are primarily used for heat transfer. They can be exposed to temperature transients of up to 200°C, but to ensure longer life, operation above 110°C for extended periods should be minimized. APG 300 Series ferrofluids are durable under high humidity and in contact with water.

Carrier Liquid: synthetic hydrocarbon
Appearance: black-brown or red-brown viscous fluid

Saturation Magnetization (Ms)
Ferrofluid Type Gauss [CGS] mT [SI] cP [CGS] mPa-s [SI]
APG 311 110 11 70 70
APG 312 165 16.5 90 90
APG 313 220 22 125 152
APG 314 275 27.5 150 150


APG 300 Series Audio Ferrofluids Additional Information

For more information about material handling, refer to the MSDS (Material Safety Datasheet) for the APG 300 Series family of products.
Download the apg300msds.pdf -- 168K  »