Ferrotec EMG Series - Water-based Ferrofluid
Type: EMG 705

Product Description

Ferrotec’s EMG 705 Ferrofluid is a member of Ferrotec’s family of EMG Series - Water-based ferrofluids. Unlike Ferrotec's APG series of ferrofluids that have been optimized for audio speaker applications, Ferrotec’s EMG Series ferrofluids address a broad range of application requirements and can be used for experimentation and application development. Ferrotec's water-based EMG Series are typically used in applications where rapid evaporation or the ability to mix ferrofluid into a water-based system is required. EMG 705 ferrofluid is Black-brown fluid and uses Anionic surfactant.


EMG 705 Specifications and Physical Properties

Appearance Black-brown fluid
Carrier Liquid Water
Nominal Particle Diameter 10 nm
  CGS Units SI Units
Saturation Magnetization (Ms) 220 Gauss 22 mT
Viscosity @27°C <5 cP <5 mPa·s
Density @25°C 1.19 g/cc 1.19 103 kg/m3
Initial Magnetic Susceptibility 0.32 4.04
Magnetic Particle Concentration 3.9 % vol.
pH 8-9
Nature of Surfactant Anionic


EMG 705 Ferrofluid Additional Information

For more information about material handling, refer to the MSDS (Material Safety Datasheet) for the EMG Series - Water-based family of products.
Download the emg700msds.pdf  »