Company History

Founded on a core of innovation and advanced engineering, Ferrotec traces its roots to NASA and magnetic fluids developed for use in the space program in the 1960s. Launched in 1968, the Ferrofluidics Corporation marks the beginning of the Ferrotec story. With its focus on developing commercial applications using ferrofluids, Ferrofluidics developed and patented several unique product concepts that remain active Ferrotec products today.

In 1980, Ferrofluidics established Nippon Ferrofluidics, a subsidiary distribution company in Tokyo aimed at supporting technology industries in Japan. In 1987, the Japanese business became independent through a management-led employee buy-out.

Nippon Ferrofluidics embarked on a path of expansion and product diversification, establishing locations in Japan and China. In 1995, the company changed its name to Ferrotec Corporation, and in 1999, Ferrotec purchased Ferrofluidics, unifying the business and establishing the Company as a worldwide leader with a broad product portfolio.

Over the years, Ferrotec's product offering has grown from ferrofluids and Ferrofluidic® seals to include critical components using advanced materials like silicon, quartz and ceramics for semiconductor manufacturing processes, thermoelectric components for temperature control, and precision coating systems used to manufacture LEDs and smart-phone components.

Since 2000, Ferrotec has continued to expand through innovation, alliance and acquisition of synergistic businesses. More recent acquisitions include a significant expansion of Ferrotec's advanced materials capabilities with Sumikin Ceramics and Integrated Materials, Inc. Also noteworthy is the addition of the Temescal Systems division, acquired from Edwards Vacuum in 2010. Temescal is renowned for their expertise in electron beam evaporation systems for compound semiconductor processes used to make LEDs and RF amplifiers for smart-phones. Temescal's roots in the industry go back to the 1950s, they also complement Ferrotec's rich history in the technologies of vacuum manufacturing.

Building on these deep roots, Ferrotec looks forward to achieving new milestones, enabling new technologies, and contributing to our customers' successes, the real foundation for both our history and our future.